Proxima Designs

Websites designed specifically for you.


If you want a website that's designed exactly for you - with unique photos, and seamless design - then you've come to the right place.

-Dylan Moore, Producer/Actor


Included in your Site:

  • In-Depth One-on-One Consultation

  • HD and Retina Ready

  • Mobile and Smartphone Optimized

  • Embedded Video

  • Integrated Social Media Channels

  • Self-Managed Blog

  • Complete Access to Website Analytics and Visitor Metrics

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À la Carte Services

Photography & Film Services

  • Lifestyle Photography & Video

  • Product Photography

  • Reel Editing

Copywriting & Editing Services

  • Social Media Management

  • Biography/Resume

  • English/Spanish Translation

*A la carte services available for an additional fee.