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A website should serve as the online version of who you are in real life

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The same way a small business's website should look and feel like visiting their brick and mortar store,  an artist's website should look and feel like shaking that artist's hand. No two actors or writers or musicians are alike, which is why we don't believe in a one-template-fits-all approach to website design.

Building a website is a collaboration. It starts with an open conversation about who you are as a [writer, actor, director, poet, musician, sculptor, chef, or hyphenate of your choosing] and the goals you'd like your website to fulfill to propel you to a flourishing and enriching career. We then translate that vision into fonts, images, graphics to design a website that feels like you. 

Today, everyone's life is online. Let's make your presence known with your spirit - and your bank account - still intact!